Why me? 

  • Four years as Aviation Electronics Technician in the US Navy.
  • Studied PC Hardware and Design.
  • Tens years of custom computer building and private repair.
  • Working professional photographer.
  • Most importantly, I am here to serve you. Getting your computer back up and running efficiently is our number one priority. 

Did you know your computer should be cleaned every 3-6 months?

Is your computer suffering from slow boot times or constant freezing?

Are you programs just not working like they used to?

Tired of waiting for your computer to catch up?


Services we offer (for laptops and desktops):

  1. Computer cleaning (physical cleaning inside)
  2. Virus removal
  3. Software removal
  4. Software and Hardware optimization
  5. Windows installation and reformatting
  6. Custom computer building and hardware replacement

On location or Drop off repair offered.



IF we cannot fix the problem then the services rendered are entirely free. I will not charge a client for any issues left unresolved. Convenience is key and we are here to serve you.





Veteran Owned and Operated